There is an artist in all of us...


I have always loved art and color. I am drawn to the abstract, especially with vivid color.  I took my first art classes in Jr High School, but did not pick it back up until I was in my late 30's-and then only briefly. I have recently re ignited my passion for paint, and this website is to share it with the world. 


I am mainly self taught, and have taken several on-line classes to learn technique as well as reading many great books on the subject.  I am constantly learning and practicing, and looking for my own true 'style'. There are many very talented artists on-line who take the time to share their experience and love of art with all who want to learn, and I would not be the artist I am without their influence.  In college, I avoided fine art classes, and took business and accounting focusing more on a way to make a living rather than what I was truly drawn to. I am grateful to have this chance now, later in my life, to fullfil this passion. 

Painting at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico. Photo credit to Ashley Fincham.